Technology for Meditation

One of the great waves in the mindfulness and meditation space is the use of technology. There are more apps than we can count now. Some great meditation apps such as Calm, Meditation Studio, Headspace are used all over the world now. Wearable technology like the Muse Headband or Heart Math technology for heart coherence are brilliant technologies giving us real-time feedback of what is really happening and how we can re-calibrate our state of mind. These tech advances are not only making meditation process easier – but also acceptable! Its no more something reserved only for those seeking spirituality. Today meditation is a tool to enhance human potential. There meets science and spirituality.

Muse gives us feedback with its state of the art EEG measurement. It’s literally tracking our brain waves and translating our mental activity into guiding sounds of the weather. It has 7 sensors that measure these brain signals and convert it into real time neruo- feedback. They also have guided meditations that help you train your mind for calm and focus.

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Presence Based Coaching for Wellbeing

I believe in humans and their potential. Humans thrive when they live in alignment with their values and purpose. When people understand themselves and recognize their own strengths, skills and passions –that’s where there is opportunity to find fulfillment and contentment. And both of those result in lasting happiness that is not fleeting.

Presence-Based Coaching draws from the fields of mindfulness, somatics, developmental psychology, leadership, and interpersonal neurobiology to offer an emergent synthesis of the most potent approaches to developing an individual on all levels. Coaching is not reserved for the leaders only, it’s a revolutionary tool that must be available to everyone.

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Lifestyle Changes to Improve Mental Health


Taking care of physical health is something we are all taught since childhood. But mental health has never been taught. We are taught how to eat, exercise & move for physical health and well being. But no one talks about consciously taking care of our minds!

Mental Health must be also taken care of as a lifestyle. Some practices and rituals to support our mental well-being :

1) Move for 10-15 minutes : Our bodies aren’t designed to not move. Intentionally moving each day either in the form of walking, stretching, swimming or even playing is a mood booster. Our mind is happier when we move, If you can take it outdoors – get some sun-even better!

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Four Islands of Consciousness

Victim Consciousness : is loaded with the sense that you cannot do anything about whatever is happening ‘to you’- whether it’s the economy ,another persons actions or even the weather.There is a feeling of external blame and resentment.

Victor Consciousness : Moving from Victim to Victor Consciousness happens when you realize that you have the power over your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions.There is a feeling of self responsibility and understanding that the experience is happening ‘by you’ and not to you.

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The Art & Science of Relaxation

Most people think that relaxation is as simple , just closing our eyes when we hit the bed at night or relaxing with a cup of tea or coffee. but real relaxation is much more than that. And its purpose is not simply to release the daily stress we hold on to but also to get the most out of our life!Unless we are really free from muscular, mental & emotional tensions, we can never be truly relaxed. Most of us are even unaware of our own tensions that we may hold.There are three kinds of tensions : Muscular –relating to the body itself.Emotional tensions- which stem from dualities of love/hate, success/failure, happiness/resentment.These are more deeper rooted than the physical ones.And then there are the mental tensions – arising from our excessive mental activity and life experiences which are then stored in the mental body.

Yoga Nidra is the science of relaxing efficiently which enables us to dive deep into the subconscious mind, which releases all physical, mental & emotional tensions.We are not only relaxing but we are literally restructuring our whole personality from within.With every practice, we release & let go of old habits, tendencies.

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