The Power of Wellbeing at Work


Employee stress impacts a company at every level.A study estimates that stress costs North American businesses $300 billion in a year. And that’s because at an individual level, stress affects every aspect of our mental and physical well-being. And that’s true at an organizational level as well – in terms of company culture, resilience, absenteeism, and talent recruitment and retention.We need work is moving from knowledge to action.

The rise of AI and Work from Home is going to put a premium on the uniquely human qualities of wisdom, creativity, intuition and decision-making.Your workspace can be a place of stress & burn-out OR a place of performance, creativity & true wellbeing on the same side.

Why add Mindfulness, Meditation, Yoga, Breath work  & Wellbeing Coaching ?

  • Help employees improve their posture, focus, and brain function.
  • Improve physical and mental health.
  • Foster healthy workplace habits.
  • Increase resilience.
  • Enhance empathy & emotional intelligence.
  • Increase clarity & inspiration and .
  • Attract and retain the best talent that is aligned with your organization values, purpose & goals.

Regular sessions can be designed in person and online.(Yes! You don’t need to change or even step out) or as a special event as a part of team building & wellness initiatives.

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