Four Islands of Consciousness

Victim Consciousness : is loaded with the sense that you cannot do anything about whatever is happening ‘to you’- whether it’s the economy ,another persons actions or even the weather.There is a feeling of external blame and resentment.

Victor Consciousness : Moving from Victim to Victor Consciousness happens when you realize that you have the power over your thoughts, beliefs, choices and actions.There is a feeling of self responsibility and understanding that the experience is happening ‘by you’ and not to you.

Vessel Consciousness : Moving from Victor to Vessel Consciousness is the realization that there is a higher power greater than your intellect helping you in some way.There is a belief that the occurrences are happening ‘through you’.

Verity Consciousness is when you realize Oneness.That higher power and divine mind is your true reality.Your true nature is happening ‘from you’ – not to you or through you.

If you have read this then most likely you are not on the first island.I am back and forth on the second and third island.And sometimes reflecting what the forth island feels like?

Which island are you on?

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