Presence Based Coaching for Wellbeing

I believe in humans and their potential. Humans thrive when they live in alignment with their values and purpose. When people understand themselves and recognize their own strengths, skills and passions –that’s where there is opportunity to find fulfillment and contentment. And both of those result in lasting happiness that is not fleeting.

Presence-Based Coaching draws from the fields of mindfulness, somatics, developmental psychology, leadership, and interpersonal neurobiology to offer an emergent synthesis of the most potent approaches to developing an individual on all levels. Coaching is not reserved for the leaders only, it’s a revolutionary tool that must be available to everyone.

Coaching can been defined in many ways but the essence of coaching is :

  • Helping a person change in the way they wish.
  • Helping them move in the direction of their purpose (personally and professionally)
  • Supporting them in becoming the best version of themselves.
  • Supporting them resolve inner conflict.
  • Building awareness that empowers choice and leads to lasting change.
  • Improving confidence, clarity and direction.
  • Taking action with accountability
  • Celebrating success along the way.

Coaching creates space for learning. It is not teaching.It empowers the individual knowing that they have the agency of change in their lives. It involves inner work and reflection. It utilizes mindful awareness and somatic intelligence of both the coach and the individual. Coaching is a strong partnership where we work towards navigating our way towards your goals, desires & outcomes in all areas of life.

Have you tried coaching?

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