Private & Group Sessions

Private & Group Sessions

Private Sessions

One -on- one sessions with Payal for a more intimate and personalized practice in the comfort of your home or a studio space.

We offer the following

  • * Single Private Session
  • * Package of 10 Private Sessions
  • * Package of 20 Private Sessions

Semi-Private Session

With personal attention, limited to 3-4 people, a more cost-effective way to study and practice.

Group Sessions

With Hatha yoga as the foundation, these sessions are based on connection of breath and movement that will strengthen will leave you refreshed, focused, and fully energized.

Meditation Sessions :Help you find inner stillness as we spend time in a state of conscious rest,guiding your body back into its natural state of healing. Dissolve stress, find clarity and access to altered states of consciousness that help you heal and access your highest potential.

These classes are suitable for all levels.

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