Travel as a Spiritual Experience

Travel to me has immense potential for change, growth & inspiration. Travel always pushes us outside the familiar comfortable routines to electrifying spiritual experiences which may or may not be comfortable. It has the potential to create new impressions in our minds which inturn has a spiraling effect to what we create in our lives. It doesn’t need a pilgrimage for a spiritual break through that we may expect,whats needed is mindfulness and slowing down as we experience the process of travel.

Can we be aware of the different smell of a place? Can we be aware of the different tastes of the same foods in different places? Can we pause and observe the sounds of the language that people speak? Can we feel the difference in the air on our skins ? Can we observe how we speak and interact with the new people around? Can we see the beauty of the nature around with our eyes ?(without a camera lens).
As Jason Silva says travel is an altered state of consciousness. It puts you into a state of flow.It awakens wonder & curiosity .Its about seeing the world differently along with the cognitive benefits & privileged perception.
Travel equals exploration. Travel gives us the space to explore our surroundings and gives us the opportunity to find out how we can project that into our own consciousness.How can we add a little bit more mindfulness into this travel to create an opportunity for growth?

  • Go tech free (partly atleast) : Yes, its hard to survive without googlemaps.But how about using a paper map for a day? It definitely requires more skill and presence ? Go off social media, or set specific times where you access it, otherwise we might miss the beautiful sunset while we are busy looking down at our screens.
  • Grounding &Meditation : Travel can increase the ‘vata element’ (‘air’ element in Ayurveda) which can create mental restlessness and slow down digestion. Just making sure you don’t trip off balance, meditation or simply mindful breathing can be done anywhere. On flights,cruises& trains or simply slowing down at some point to just sit anywhere(street bench, monuments, natural spots) and take those 5-10 minutes to focus on the breath and clear the mind.
  • Writing : Taking notes of the travel experience can enhance the awareness & observation of little things during our travel which inturn sharpens our internal awareness. Make a gratitude list? Even better!
  • Last but not the least, sit down enjoy your tea/coffee & people watch ?

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