"I'm writing this as a heartfelt note - the coaching sessions with Payal have made me look at my life in such a new light. She has introduced me to the concept of keeping healthy boundaries and space for myself. She has helped me to tune my mind and eliminate negative patterns within, invoking the right self talk. She is god sent - I've figured how important it is to have someone to talk to on the outside, for both the perspective and encouragement. Can't thank her enough!"


Company Name: Shikha
Designation: Dubai

" Payal approaches every conversation with an empathy that comes from the root of her very natute and vibe which is calm and soulful. You instantly feel like you're safe and comfortable and every session with Payal is purposeful and productive. Her strength is her compassion and her ability to listen with an open heart and mind. She gets to the root of the issue and combines various techniques to address the conversation depending on the receptiveness. Her resourcefulness is endearing and I would recommend her in a heartbeat. Thank you Payal for such a comforting experience!  "     ?  


Company Name: Khushbu
Designation: Dubai

The 100 days meditation has changed my life in such small, yet drastic ways. It's helped me get a little perspective and knowing the importance of the things we have. I’m not saying I'm a calm person now. But I'm learning when and where to put your time and efforts and so many such small things which in fact make a huge difference in our lives. I hope that I'm able to inspire someone as much as you have inspired people around. Thank you.

Company Name: Simran
Designation: India

My life has changed since the day I started meditation and this happened because you - Payal. Life has taken a huge turn and today I am so happy inside out. I glow all day & I feel the sun shining within me. I am grateful for having met you . Your positive energy radiates outwards. Thank you for sharing the 100 day meditation with me. Love   

Company Name: Priyal
Designation: India

Coming to yoga later in life can be a daunting prospect but Payal has navigated me through to an appreciation that it is never too late to start. She tailors my sessions with great care and attention to my personal objectives, introduces something new each time, and takes the time to impart an understanding of what each pose is designed to achieve. Payal brings a very professional, but warm and reassuring approach that has helped me gain a lot from yoga over the past few months.

Testimonial 4

Company Name: Wade Hughes
Designation: Dubai

Great teacher 🙂 Payal and I started working together since I was 14 weeks pregnant. She has been a fantastic teacher and has really helped me to improve alot. She strikes the perfect balance between relaxing and active sessions which is perfect for a pregnant lady! Focus on breathing techniques I am sure will come in handy during labour aswell. I cant wait to continue yoga with her post birth and challenge myself to keep getting better and to improve my flexibility even further.

Testimonial 3

Company Name: Nicole Richardson Michail
Designation: Dubai

Embodies strength, grace and spirit. I first met Payal when she was studying to become a teacher. She impressed me with her beautiful practice and her innate knowledge of yoga philosophy. Her graceful demeanour and clear, calm voice will take you gently and safely through your yoga practice. Highly recommended 🙂

Testimonial 2

Company Name: Alison Wiktil
Designation: Delhi

Payal is a wonderful person and teacher.I studied Hatha Yoga with Payal in Dharamsala in India. Payal is very dedicated, friendly and passionated about yoga. I definitely recommend to take a class with her!

Testimonial 1

Company Name: Josien
Designation: Netherlands

Payal Khanwani

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Meditation,Yoga & Holistic Coaching are technologies that bring lasting healing and change. These practices along with reflective inquiry works on all levels of body, mind and spirit.Sharing my experience of healing, wellness and wisdom, I have come to believe it is possible to know who you are and live a life of Radical Wellbeing.